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In June of 2012 Danielle was hit by a drunk driver and sustained a traumatic brain injury, setting her life on a different course. She learned to take that trauma and shift it into something that fueled her growth. Many people talk about PTSD after trauma, but she shines light on PTG. Post traumatic growth. Rumi says it beautifully in his quote, “The wound is where the light gets in.” Danielle helps people see how all that is unfolding in their life is happening FOR them and encourages people to ask, “what is this challenge making possible?”

When you can see that what you go through in life is teaching you to access the strength within you, this is when you begin to open up to the potential laying dormant inside. So many miss the beauty of what challenges bring them, learn to transmute the energy and you will ultimately gain a different appreciation for life, your relationships will depen and your ability to be present and connect in with life will strengthen.

Her inspiring story and perspective has touched thousands around the world. Her intention is to use what she learned to impact the lives of others through educating on mindsets, technologies, and techniques that can empower the mind, body and spirit of anyone crossing her path.


Mind Control: It’s All In Your Head.

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Cellular Health.

Learn about the technology that empowered her body to heal itself and how it can help yours to do the same.


Yoga Nidra.

Discover a relaxation technique designed to empower you to go beyond your thoughts and connect in with your true self.

Danielle’s Story

Allow me to share my journey of healing with you in hopes that I can help you regain your optimum health or inspire you to reach for more in your life.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I started using the redox technology as an athlete in 2010 and its impact in that realm cannot be overstated - enhanced endurance, less fatigue, quicker recovery. Now as a busy working professional, husband, and father of 4, it still keeps me going. I have energy for 16 hour work days, I get restful sleep, and it helps all 6 of us stay proactive against illness.

Greg Weido, Regional Vice President @ Primerica Financial Services

After a fall last year I ended up with chronic pain in my neck, a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. I attended a seminar Danielle put on, within 10 minutes of using the redox gel my chronic neck pain disappeared. I was speechless, this is truly a breakthrough. Just ask for a sample to try yourself.

Maria Waddell, Owner @ Clutter B Gone

With over 11 years as a personal trainer, I am always looking for new ways to help my clients improve their overall health and wellness. I educate them about good nutrition, but the redox technology was something I had never heard of. After starting it myself, I had decades of chronic discomfort disappear, range of motion returned in my joints, and my energy improved (read: NO coffee needed). I started hosting seminars and sharing this breakthrough at my studio!

Jacque Davidson, Owner @ A Lifetime of Fitness

Having worked with Danielle multiple times for speaking engagements and workshops, I am always impressed by her professionalism, ability to capture the audience’s full attention and keep it throughout her presentation. Danielle’s openness, honesty, and desire to educate enables her to leave everyone with a powerful takeaway to enrich their lives.

Mechelle Taylor, Sales Director @ The Fountains of Melbourne

Yoga Nidra has been absolutely wondrous in helping me learn how to relax, to let go of my restless mind before sleep, and how to plug in positive acceptance for my life just as it is. Danielle Matthews is an example of how this practice can heal and provide quality to everyone's life. Try it and see!

Marieke Kreps, President @ Brevard Parkinson’s Support Group