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Danielle Matthews

empower your mind

Inspirational speaker

Danielle has shared her story in a variety of settings to audiences across the world. She is a captivating presenter that can tailor her message to the needs of the occasion. She has been a featured speaker and guest at international conferences, virtual summits, YouTube channels, and  Podcasts (Guest Profile).

Her journey is one of inspiration, hope, and awakening to the powers we each hold within us to heal ourselves and live an abundant life. She is well versed in post traumatic growth, personal development philosophy, spirituality, cellular health, & entrepreneurship.

Here are some topics that may benefit your audience:

1. Mind Control “It’s All In Your Head”: How to take back control of our mind and thoughts to intentionally create our reality from the inside out. Her e-book covers this topic.

2. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG): Many focus on PTSD after trauma and not many focus on PTG – how we grow through what we go through in life. Without struggles we would not be pushed to access the strengths and capabilities laying dormant within. Shift from feeling like a victim, to being empowered with the knowledge life is trying to teach you.

3. Quantum Healing: How to assist the body in healing itself and optimizing your wellness by focusing on the power of cellular rejuvenation. 

4. Our True Self: Our connection beyond the physical world and the potential within each of us that we all have access to!